Claudia Kranefuss Training & Coaching
Realizing hidden human potential and power of people, teams and organisations

Welcome to the journey of realizing human potential and responsible leadership


Leading the change for and with individuals, teams and organisations


Are you ready and willing to take a step into the journey of developing and unleashing the hidden potential? Exploring the path of personal development, leadership, teamwork, creation of safe enviroments for other people and tapping into the collaborative intelligence of an organisation? 

Organisations are made by people

During my years of experience of working with highly inspiring women and men of any age in the personal and business enviroment, I got convinced that the success of any organisation is determined by the people working there. The more each person expresses his or her potential and responsibility, the more the collective potential thrives. This results in better cooperation, creating excellent end-results, higher loyalty and effectiveness, less stress and much more meaningful lives.

Performance with people

The authentic and unique power of every single person is a great generator of the intrinsic drive for people to go forward. To identify talents, weaknesses and limiting believes, enables human beings to achieve much more than they thought they were capable of. Not by working harder, but by working wiser. To create better results by focusing the effort differently. In the program I offer,  the space opens up for people to actually experience their opportunities and to internalize these insights in a lasting way.

What are the first steps?

Are you interested to invest in the journey of development? The first step will be a conversation about what you want to achieve, to see whether my methods and approach works for you and your company. If that is the case, we will decide which program is the most relevant and adequate to reach your results.

Timeinvestment programs (in Dutch, English or German)

  • One to One coaching, 1-1,5 hr per session. 
  • Team coaching 2 -4 hrs per session
  • Trainings and workshops between 1/2 day to 4 days.
  • Coach the Coach (the leader as a coach) program of 3 months, 4 hrs per week. Learning on the job